Nowadays learning Spanish became fundamental for a lot of people but specially for Portuguese and Brazilian. Many Portuguese companies have businesses with Spanish enterprises, lots of products in Portugal are imported from Spain and we have companies in Portugal that open subsidiaries in Spain since it is a large market with high potential. Brazil is surrounded by seven Spanish speaking countries meaning that business between those countries is a key factor for their development. 

Spanish is the second language most spoken in the world, having a considerable importance in the USA and Canada. Only in the USA 13% of the population speaks Spanish. It’s no coincidence that Spanish is one of the official languages in UN. In other words, its importance is unquestionable in American continent and in the world. 

But commercial or/and professional reasons are not the sole reasons to start a Spanish language course. Tourism is one of the most relevant revenue sources for example in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Dominican Republic and is starting to develop of some importance in Colombia too. Many people are travelling to these touristic destinations and get ready to an eventual need of speaking with a native who doesn’t speak another language. They are countries with history, landscapes, beaches and valuable cultures that will enrich visitors.    

Since these countries have a warm and mild climate, people from other non-Latin countries often decide to establish themselves in Spain or in one of the Latin American. It’s common to find people who come from North Europe and chose Madrid or Barcelona to live. 

Besides being beautiful cities, they are also big cosmopolitan cities boiling with life and where we can have the best the world has and where it is not so complicated to start a business or find a job (now that economy is recovering!). 

Over the years, we have had many young students that despite having Spanish in their current school, they intend to go to pursue their studies in Spain and they need a quite high Spanish level to enter Spanish universities. 

There are many reasons that can lead us to study Spanish. As a language of Latin origin, from the same linguistic family of Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian, supposedly it won’t be too difficult to the speakers of these idioms to learn Spanish. 

Many words are hardly the same but with different phonetics, meaning that memorization is much faster. One thing that we can observe is that Spanish courses are normally faster to Portuguese students. In other words, they can achieve level B1 much quicker than they would achieve the same level in another language. 

Students from other nationalities will have the normal difficulties of learning a totally different language. With dedication and work all is possible and when the time comes where they think to have the level of language knowledge they need to satisfy their goals, they will feel proud because they can finally communicate. 

We, at AGILE TRAINING, because of our proximity to Spain, it’s easy to have teachers to work with us. They are extremely active and dynamic, and they know how to motivate their students to work for a solid apprenticeship of Spanish. Like in English, there are uncountable manuals with audios and videos. The difficulty is to choose! 

In any language we teach, we always have the possibility of teaching it with more focus on general vocabulary or more focus on business vocabulary. But especially among Spanish students, they prefer a business oriented course. This shows that people who is more interested in learning Spanish is preferably for professional reasons.