When we think about French language we think it is a difficult language, with a difficult pronunciation and hard to learn! But maybe it isn’t so complicated!

As a language of Latin origin, in its structure, grammar and a great part of the vocabulary, it has similarities with Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Romanian. Theoretically, for the speakers of these languages, it will be easier to learn French. Many words are almost the same so they are easier and faster to memorize.

Pronunciation can seem too complicated but it’s all about phonetics. This can be solved with speaking practice and listening to audios. Obviously, not everyone has appetite or the easiness to pronounce specific sounds but this doesn’t need to be a big worry because if we were supposed to have a perfect pronunciation we would all be French native speakers. What is really important is to communicate and make people understand us in a good language level orally or written.

French is still one of the most spoken languages in the world and, in a more and more cyber world, we can find information about all the subjects you can imagine, in French. It is probably the second language most present in internet.

There are many countries where French is the spoken language and with globalisation and the easy way we all travel today, for professional reasons or just to visit, it is very likely that in one of those trips you end up by visiting a country where French is the spoken language.

To work in Europe, can mean to work in a country where French is the language. There are many people that emigrate to work in French multinational companies and, once again, as a consequence of globalisation, these companies also move their headquarters to other countries, what implies that collaborators of those companies also need to learn the language. Other workers already have some knowledge about the language but they need an update because they don’t practice it for a long time.

That’s what has been happening in our school. We have had many students who need to go abroad to countries where French is the spoken language and they need to learn the language from the beginning. Other students already know French but they to recycle. There are also some students who work in national companies which have businesses with French companies and for that reason they need to write or talk in French.

Beyond professional reasons, there are leisure reasons too. To visit Paris is the dream of a lot of people. Knowing one of the most iconic and charming cities in the world, with its museums, its art and history, is the experience of a lifetime. At least it’s important to know the language basics so we can feel safer at comfortable in any situation that may arise. For example in transports, at the hotel, restaurant, café, pharmacy, supermarket, on the street if you need orientation, etc. The most important is that we don’t get stuck in our own language and that we can deal with situations.

Another important reason, as important as the any other, to learn a language, is just to like it and being curious about it. Who was the person that never thought about learning a second language? You don’t need to have a specific reason. You just need to like it and have the will.

In our school, we have French Courses of all levels with the best teachers. French are known for being demanding, and our teachers are no exception. They are native or bilingual and they know how to dynamize classes and motivate the students using manuals, videos, games, articles and above all encouraging them to participate in class whether speaking or writing.