AGILE TRAINING is the new name of our language training centre, former known as ILA. This name change is due to its merge with THINK AGILE Holding that has an integrated product and service offer to business clients.

The new name intends to communicate a new improved business dynamic, an updated image, modern and technological, and at the same time, to maintain the expertise and efficiency image that we have built in the last years.

We are also enlarging our offer. Besides languages we are now ongoing a certification process for personal development courses, to meet companies and people’s needs.

We also changed our business model: we no longer have annual courses and started to focus more on business clients. However, we continue to have private classes and soon we will be introducing intensive courses.

Beyond the change in the working model, we moved from Algés to the centre of Lisbon, in Rua Castilho but our dreams are bigger and our plan is to open a subsidiary in Madrid.

But there are things that never change:

  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Quick response
  • Customer care
  • Teaching quality
In the end, it’s 50 years of acquired experience!


ILA was founded in 1968, since then, thousands of students, hundreds of companies, and dozens of teachers, helped to build the organizational structure and strong image we have today.
It was granted its business licenses on the 3.11.1969 by the Ministry of Education No1899. We are also accredited by DGERT. Several factors determined the opening of many language schools in the same area, what caused a negative influence on the frequency of students in the institute, until the beginning of the 90’s.
ILA – Instituto de Línguas de Algés was founded by M. Menzl Boehm that came from Angola where he was a German and English teacher. He designed and implemented the school project having chosen a privileged location in Algés for the school development.

In 1993, Brigitte Schaefer, daughter of ILA’s founder, came from Austria also after living in Angola, she saw Portugal as a return to her origins and entered ILA as a manager. She shared with her mother ILA’s management. In 1995, when her mother died, Brigitte took alone ILA’s destiny.

ILA became more oriented to pedagogy, creating several and new learning alternatives, in ILA or companies premises.

In 2011, Brigitte Schaefer, decided that it was time to dedicate her time to rest and other activities and decided to sell the school to Nuno Esteves in January 2012.


Our mission is to structure the communication of our students in learning a language to allow them to communicate effectively, encouraging students to lose their inhibition, encouraging them to overcome the myths of speaking a foreign language, training them beyond their expectations.

Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in training for personal and professional development of our trainees, based on an organized and competent structure with competent trainers.